Dry Erase Fridge To Do and Grocery List Magnet with Fridge Pencil Cup Holder

(2 Pieces, 6.25” x 9.75”), Color Markers and Magnetic Pen Holder Set – Dry Erase Fridge to Do List and Grocery List Magnet with Fridge Pencil Cup Holder

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    Have enough space to write down tasks for the whole family with our dry erase note boards! There’s one for tasks and chores , and another for your grocery list , so nothing gets mixed up and forgotten! Also a great way to remind you of your goal and the reason why you want to achieve it. Use it as a motivation or inspiration tool.


    You can stick these erasable boards on any metal surface and not worry about them falling off. Both of these are backed with strong magnetic sheets that will keep them stuck on your fridge!


    Our magnetic dry erase blackboard sheets are laminated with PET film to prevent them from getting scratched or stained. This also makes them easy to clean using a damp towel! Rest assured that there will be no ghosting, bubbling, or peeling with this film.


    We’re including one (1) large and two (2) fine point vibrant color markers to stand out more on the black boards. A damp wipe may be required to erase, especially when the writing has been on the boards a little longer. Our boards are water resistant so it’s ok to use a damp wipe. We’re also including a magnetic storage pocket that is multi functional. You can use it to store pens, small notebooks, coupons, recipes, receipts, scissors, gift cards etc.


    To make sure that these products get to you in excellent condition, we pad the package with foam and ship it flat to protect the items from the damage caused by shipping and handling.

Always be Reminded of Your To-Do List and Grocery List with These Magnetic Vertical Dry Erase Boards!

Tired of forgetting to buy things when you go shopping? Is housework not getting done? Get the whole family in sync with these magnetic dry erase boards!

Here’s what makes our product stand out:

  • 2 Boards, 1 Bundle – You don’t have to cram everything into one board until no one understands a thing. We’ve conveniently labeled each one to help you keep better track of things!
  • Eco-friendly Option – No more struggling to find a random piece of paper when you need to jot something down. These reusable boards are more convenient, and you get to save trees as well!
  • Efficient Task Division – With these erasable boards, everyone has access to the essential tasks. You can just call and ask whoever’s free to check the list, pick up things at the store, or do housework.
  • Mobile Shopping List – Always have the updated copy of your grocery list! Just take a photo of the shopping board before you head out! Or send it to the one who’s already out!
  • Added Value – We included other essential items you need to really make use of these boards like erasable markers and a magnetic pen holder!

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Create more synergy in your home with these magnetic dry erase boards. Add this fantastic bundle to your cart right now!